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Clients vs remote teams — we made all the mistakes so you don’t have to

In over 7 years in outsourced UX & UI design, I have encountered my share of situations that predictably resulted in worsening relationships (and losing money).

from Information to Intuition

Quality work? Timeliness? Ability to do everything the client needs? Strong initiative and a proactive position? Clear communication? Advance estimates of hours spent? Lean approach? None of these will protect you from losing out in a sticky situation.

The best way to avoid these situations is best summed up as “don’t be dumb”… but you’d be amazed at how easy it is to be dumb when you’re generally consciencious, believe the best of people, and haven’t done all the dumb things at least once. Hence this list of dumb things we’ve done that you could probably avoid doing:

1. Receiving approval from someone doesn’t have power to give it.

SaaS product (US)

The client’s employees gave our outsourced team several tasks without letting their manager know. After the team finished, the client was unhappy with all concerned. This included the team, which simply did what they were asked to do. Situations like these can spell the end of new working relationships.

2. Approval from a client who didn’t consider the cost.

Mobile app (US)

The team generated intriguing concepts on the fly, impressing the client and leading them to approve all the ideas offered. The team suggested presenting them for further discussion, but didn’t remind the client that all additional work is billed separately. Regardless of the results, the client was disappointed due to not being clearly informed about the additional cost.

3. Starting work without prepayment.

Website (Germany)

Some clients prefer mutually beneficial long-term relationships. Others are cool with a bit of short-term profit at the contractor’s expense (i.e. cheating you out of your work). Both groups are represented globally, including within organizations that you have standing relationships with. So even if the team has personal contacts on the client’s side, your best guarantee is to have payment landing in the bank.

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