UX/UI Design for Business Services

A data privacy firm engaged with Versions for web design. The client aimed to fix a UX error he discovered on his existing website.


Versions was able to fix and update the client's website on time and on budget. The client was satisfied with the project's end result.


Please describe your company and your position there.


"I'm a CTO of B-152 company based in Moscow. The company provides services that help business to be complied with local legal regulations in privacy data field."

Max Lagutin, CEO

Business services
11-50 Employees


For what services did your company hire Versions?


We asked Version to completely redesign our existed web-site


What were your goals for this project?


To create new modern design, remove UX obstacles that we had discovered


How did you select Versions?


Versions was recommended us by our friends who had already work with Versions before


Describe the project in detail.


New UX, design, graphics etc


What was the team composition?


product and project managers, developers and QA

Results & Feedback

Can you share any outcomes?


We are fully satisfied with the results; the quality and getting the deliverables on time and on budget.


How effective was the workflow?


there was an active communication between Versions and dev team


What did you find most impressive?


all above


Are there any areas for improvement?


all is good

by Clutch

5.0 Overall Score


5.0 Scheduling

5.0 Cost

4.5 Quality

5.0 Willing to refer

Additional info


UI/UX Design

$10,000 to $49,999

Mar. - June 2020

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