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Online bank relaunch

In March 2019 we came to a company's office in Dubai, and we held workshops with tech and Business Analysts’ teams to get all the requirements together.

Screens & explanation

Sacrificing appearance

Keeping it clear is more important than making it look nicer

1. Menu always visible

2. Clear navigation with the name of the previous page

3. Buttons are on contrast background to visually separate them from “white” ones


In the beginning, there was only one designer in our team when we worked on the mobile app. Then we hired one more to keep the same speed working with a team of 40 developers. Next we took on two more designers to support other bank projects.


Requirements for the design were made by the Business Analysts team in Overflow. We designed in Sketch and uploaded flows to Overflow for the client's review and Zeplin for developers.

Predictability of payment flow

1. All needed information shown

2. We added six different patterns for each type of account

3. There is the main action button opening the list of different types of transfers

4. Grid / List view because some users have many accounts


We had daily standups to keep track of the process. There were several stages: the marketing team wanted to keep brand colours, the backend and BA teams had the API restriction, the bank's design team had their own vision, so we worked together to find the best solution.

Making Design System work

Adapt the design system and flows to real product requirements

Testimonial is in progress

Project is still in progress or haven’t received feedback yet. Check back later.

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