Web Design for Health Insurance Provider

An insurance provider hired Versions for web design services. The team was tasked with designing the client's platform so that their customers could access their services easily, increasing web traffic.


Through Version's efforts, the site had higher records of the time that users spent browsing, and bounce rates also dwindled down. The team exhibited maximum involvement throughout the collaboration, and that made it easier for the client to get in touch with them for feedback or progress updates.


Please describe your company and your position there.


"I am the CEO of a health insurance marketplace. Our company aggregates offers from leading Russian and international insurance companies and clinics so that clients can quickly and conveniently find the best health insurance plan."

Maria Fomina, CEO

1-10 Employees


For what services did your company hire Versions?


We are working with a rather complex product from the point of view of clients. We needed to do a complete redesign of the site so that customers could understand what is included and not included in their insurance plan, as well as the differences between offers from different providers.


What were your goals for this project?


We wanted clients to be able to independently figure out which insurance plan would be right for them on the website (to reduce the workload on consultants), as well as increase traffic and time spent on the website.


How did you select Versions?


We were looking for a designer by recommendation, and also looked at all the famous design studios that we knew about at that time. We decided to work with Versions, as they grasped the essence and mission of our project (transparent and detailed insurance conditions) and were on the same wavelength with us. This influenced our choice.


Describe the project in detail.


We worked in sprints and received regular feedback from our clients. Sometimes we had to change everything on the fly (when we received some new insight as to what customers want to see on the site). The Versions were always on time and flexibly changed the design in accordance with our request.


What was the team composition?


3 people worked on the project - designer, product manager and analyst.

Results & Feedback

Can you share any outcomes?


The time spent on the site increased from 2 to 4.5 minutes, the bounce rate decreased from 60% to 41%, customers began to independently find answers to important questions for them without asking for help from consultants.


How effective was the workflow?


We called each other every day to discuss important issues. The team was always in touch and offered effective solutions.


What did you find most impressive?


Maximum involvement in our project. Versions have always offered their own vision of how to make the design simple, clear and convenient for the client.


Are there any areas for improvement?


We were completely satisfied with our cooperation.

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Jan. 2018 - Nov. 2020

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