Case Studies


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Recruitment platform

We prepared the basic concept which was partly used in the launched product.

Screens & explanation

We didn't reinvent the wheel

We used design and UX patterns which already existed not only in concepts but in real products

Predictability of payment flow

1. Candidates Funnel for fast overview

2. Hint shows when the user opens this page for the first time

3. Mob. version: use dropdown to simplify it for developers. Mobile app: better to use tab bar

4. Button height fits mobile guidelines

Easy to fill in

We grouped the fields, added progress and the average time to fill in the form

1. Inputs in a frame work better than underlining (according to the last Google research)

2. Hint shows how much time it will usually take to fill in this form of account

3. Adding a new team member without interrupting the filling in process

Testimonial in progress

Project is still in progress or haven’t received feedback yet. Check back later.

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