Web Design for Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Versions redesigned a website for a boutique consultancy. The website serves as a calling card rather than a selling landing page and was built on Readymag with features for full administrative control.


Speedy work is among the most notable traits of Versions. Their process of making iterations at every stage and having efficient communication have made for an effective outcome. The team also had a good understanding of business and design, which was manifested in the well-received website.


Please describe your company and your position there.


"We are a small boutique consultancy based in Moscow. Our clients are small and medium size businesses which either have no prior experience with buying consulting services or don't want to spend fortunes on such projects. We help companies to devise their marketing strategy, value proposition, brand positioning, and go-to-market routes. I am a co-founder."

Yulia Khokhlova, Co-Founder

Business services
1-10 Employees


For what services did your company hire Versions?


We have started operations recently and quickly reached that point when it became clear that we need to have our own website which will help to establish our online presence. We checked out a few website building services (Squarespace, Tilda, Wix) and realised that we would need professional help from someone who can make our website look unique and professional.


What were your goals for this project?


Our goal was to develop a simple and light one-page website with an intention to use it as a business card rather than a selling landing page. Still we wanted it to look presentable and to communicate our value proposition, our credentials, and our services.

We didn't want to make it content heavy - the goal was to develop a minimalistic and stylish look-and-feel which would help to position us accordingly. We still wanted the website to be developed on one of the mainstream website builder platforms so that we could administer and update it on our own. However, we wanted it to be designed from scratch without employing any standard blocks available from website builder services.


How did you select Versions?


One of our clients recommended Versions based on their experience of working with them on UX projects. We checked the Versions' portfolio and had a quick chat with their leader and quickly understood that their approach would work for us.

Already during the first meeting they helped us to shape our expectations into a detailed brief and showed us potential scenarios for the project execution. We also liked that we would be given options to choose from at every stage.


Describe the project in detail.


As we already had a draft version of our website built on one of the website building platforms with some content and structure, Versions advised us to record a short screencast with our comments on everything we had by that time. That helped us to reflect on our value proposition and our expectations and served as an efficient starting point for the project.

We got five mock-ups of the first screens in a few days - they were all different in regard to design (colour palette, fonts, structure). We chose the ones we liked and the guys fine-tuned them further. There were a few iterations at this stage.

All communication was straightforward - we used the Telegram messenger for convenience. When the design concept was ready the full prototype was created on Figma. Again we were given a few options for how the website might be structured. And there were a few iterations at this stage as well.

And the final step - the website was built on Readymag in two versions - desktop and mobile.


What was the team composition?


There were two people working on our project - a project leader and a web-designer.

Results & Feedback

Can you share any outcomes?

The first is work speed. We completed the entire project in a month. Customer feedback follows. We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding our site from current customers.


How effective was the workflow?


It was very effective due to the iterative way. They start quick and lead the process steadily towards tangible results. Instead of bombarding us with unnecessary communication and wasting our time in daylong sticky notes meetings they give us food for thought with every new iteration.


What did you find most impressive?


Versions understand business and the context of business within design. We didn't want design for design's sake, we needed a working tool. They bring added value to the table by being not just contractors but business partners, get an optimal decision and evolve along the way.


Are there any areas for improvement?


No, I don’t think there’s much room for improvement.

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5.0 Overall Score


5.0 Scheduling

5.0 Cost

5.0 Quality

5.0 Willing to refer

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Web design

Less than $10,000

Nov. - Dec. 2020

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