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Please describe your company and your position there.


"I was at that time Head of Monetization of Skyeng company, one of the largest websites for Russian and Eastern European students who are learning English online."

Ksenia Petrova, ex-Head of Growth



For what services did your company hire Versions?


We needed to check several product hypotheses (what will work and what won't), so we needed two landing pages. And on another project (for the Chinese market), we needed visuals: presentations, icons, brand book, etc.


How did you select Versions?


We looked for a designer upon the recommendations and found Versions.


Describe the project in detail.


We had to check two hypotheses, and we needed two landings turn-key, including texts and concept. Plus, we needed creative ideas for advertising campaigns on Instagram. As we needed it quickly, we asked to make a prototype without software development. So Versions team completed a full feature test for us (visual for advertising campaigns on Instagram, landings, and linking it to google forms).


What was the team composition?


We worked with Alexey (owner) and his designer.

Results & Feedback

Can you share any outcomes?


We launched landings pretty fast, checked out the hypothesis. Testing showed that one of the theories worked, so we scaled it to Russian and Spain markets. And we had to close Chinese localization (due to internal issues).


How effective was the workflow?


Communication was through Slack. Calls were about once in 2 days to check the progress and do brainstorming. We had different tasks (with strict deadlines and less urgent) - in both cases, work was done on time without delay.

We worked on an hourly wage basis. And we could check the work progress online at any time (everything was transparent, and any member of our team could check what Versions are working on).

And what might be helpful to mention - they worked not in isolation but constant cooperation with our team members, getting feedback and working on it.


What did you find most impressive?


Very good at communication. Versions team had relevant experience with a similar project, so we were on the same page from the very start. We were glad to find a company that could contribute in many ways. I know the main specialization of the Versions is the interface, but they helped us with landings and graphics and did it very professionally. And I would highlight one more thing - transparency both in financial issues and in agreements on tasks/deadlines and results.


Are there any areas for improvement?


It would be great if they did user experience research as well.

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May. 2019 - Aug. 2019

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